Monoi de Tahiti A.O. Brut Toco

Monoi de Tahiti A.O. Brut Toco is an only extract coming from Polynesian tradition, and combining all the properties of the Tiare flower and the coconut. It perfectly meets the modern cosmetics trends


  • Moisturizing (Progressive And Lasting)
  • Firming & Smoothing the Cutaneous Micro-relief
  • Tanning (Tanning Accelerator)
  • Repairing Dry or Damaged Hair
  • Anti-Dandruff (Slight Action)


  • Moisturising creams, moisturizing & protective milks
  • Hair & body oils
  • Sun products: oils, milks, gels
  • Shampoos, Foaming baths, shower gel
  • Protective and restructuring butters
  • Lipsticks, lip-blams
  • Soaps
  • Aromatherapy ingredients

Monoi de Tahiti becomes solid bellow 22-23°C. Place near a source of heat and the oil liquefies again.