Proteins for nutrition, repair, moisturizing, beauty, anti-wrinkle and sunscreen in Skin care and Hair care applications

 Product Name  INCI Name  Charecterstics  Application
 Hydrolized Wheat Protein  Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl  Nutrition, moisture,repair, compatibility, improve skin & hair cell activity. It's Widely used in the preperation of transparent shampoo. The product is used for hair shampoo, and hair care products
 Hydrolized wheat protien powder  Hydrolized Wheat Protein   Nutrition, moisture, repair, improve skin & hair cell activity  Skin care, Shampoo, hair care, hair products.
 Quaternized Copolymerization Hydrolyzed Collagen


Hydrolized Wheat

Protein Copolymer

 Improve dry combing and softness, repair damaged hair, anti-static, anti-winding  Shampo, hair care, hair products.
 Hydrolized Collagen  Hydrolized Collagen  Nutrition, moisture, repair, affinity, shine hair  Skin care, shampoo, hair care, hair products 
 Hydrolized Silk Protein  Hydrolized Silk  Sunscreen, Whitening, Nutrition, Moisture, Repair  Skin care, Shampoo, hair care, hair products
 Hydrolized Keratin  Hydrolized Keratin  Nutrition, Moiisture, repair & conditioning  Shampoo, conditioner, hair perm lotion and straight hair products.
 Hydrolized Elastic & Collagen  Elastin  Anti-wrinkle, Nutrition, Moisture, Repair Softening  Skin care, Cleansing, Bath Products 
 Bioiogical Mucopolysaccharide  Glycosaminogycans (Natural Polysaccharide Series)  Moisture, repair, nutrition, to fine lines, anti-aging  Cleansing, skincarep roducts ( mask, eyemask, BBCream). 
 Hydrolized wheat protein surfactants  Sodium Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protien (Natural Aminophnol Surfactant)  Molecular weight uniformity, good solubility, mild perfomance, can form a protective film in the hair and skin surface, and can significantly reduce the irritation of the product syestem.  Shampoo, Cleansing, Bathin, Baby liquid washing products, Infant products. 
 Hydrolized silk protein surfactants  Sodium Lauroyl Hydrolyzed Silk (Natural Aminophnol Surfactant)  Molecular weight is uniform, te solubilitybis good, the perfomance is mild, can form protective film, cleaning, low-irritant  Bathing, shampoo, Cleansing, Baby liquid washing products.
 Natural wheat amino acid  Potassium Lauroyl Wheat Amino Acids (Natural Aminophnol Surfactant)   Soft and foaming, cleaning, low-irritant  Shampoo, cleansing, bathing, Baby shampoo & Bath
 Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein  Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein  For hair care:
-forms a protective barrier to hair from environmental stresses, retains moisture, and provides nourishment to the hair.
-enhaces hair penetartion for damaged repair and cuticle protection.
-Protection, repair, moisturization, three-in-one functions in Hydrlyzed Quinoa Protien, and the hair will feels silkier and look smoother. For skin care:
-repairs damages.
-forms a barrier to protect the skin from environmental stresses for damage.
-binds moisture
-Provides nutrients for to the skin.
 Can be used both in hair and skin care.